Monday, October 24, 2011

An Introduction of sorts

Hello All,

Many years ago, back before children, mortgages and serious jobs, I used to write for hours, hours and occasionally for hours after that.  The whole process brought me a concentration and peace that I found hard to pin down in any other area of my life.  I would wander down the paths of my thoughts and mind, deep into the woods of my consciousness.  The goal was hoping to find truth, justice and the American way.. wait, wait I got that lesson from those old "Ronald Reagan, Superhero" comic books.  Seriously, the time spent writing let me explore my own self and the world around me in ways that other mediums just did not seem to.  I tried meditating, prayer and the meditation and prayer that comes about through hard work and physical labor.  All of those things did help at times and with varying success.  Nothing came close to the written word and the contemplation that it brought.  

Since then, I have become distracted from this hobby.  I find it hard to make the time for writing.  The world spins faster and I keep asking God for an extra hour in the day.  (Un?)Fortunately, this request keeps getting ignored.  What is that song by Garth Brooks?  "Unanswered Prayers".  The message there is that I wouldn't want the extra hour even if I got it.  My friend, Mike, tells me that if I really wanted to write that I would make time for it.  There is no such thing as the concept of "I don't have the time".  Life is all about priorities and what's really important to each of us. He is correct, of course, so I made the decision to push forward and to make the time for an activity that, at one time, was a central pillar of my life.  It's time to reconstruct that base.  A moment to breath through words again and find my third lung if you will.   

I am going to use this space as my own doodle page and mental playground.  The topics covered here will be all over the place most likely.  I will write about what it's like to be a family with a disabled daughter.  How that disability effects the relationships with my wife and son and how we make it all work.  Sports, media and other assorted topics will be present.  I might dabble in politics but the internet is a dangerous place to express political opinion especially if I ever decide to be employed at another company sometime down the road.  Another place that I will spend time in is fiction and poems.  Once upon a time, I would write short stories and poetry.  That particular craft in my mind is rustier then a a brittle steel knife left for several years in a New England field.  I think I'll give that a go as well.  The point is, this will be an interesting and possibly very cool trip... or not.  It doesn't matter.  The journey is all that matters.  Or the Journey if you are into 80's over emotional pop rock. 

I am looking forward to the adventure.